Since graduating Acupuncture school in 2004, TrP Seminar's founder, Dr. Bianca Beldini, began treating patients with a combination of myofascial release techniques including a unique style of needling and a hands on approach which she adopted from her experience as a previously trained European Physiotherapist.

Our Mission

TrP Seminars is dedicated to bringing the intricate world of fascia to the Acupuncturist and to instill in the practitioner ease with which to manipulate tissue through a profound needling style.

I was fortunate to go to an Acupuncture college that emphasized musculoskeletal anatomy and trigger-point needling, but I was even more fortunate to have Bianca Beldini as one of my teachers, both clinical and didactic. She was an amazing, hands-on instructor who made challenging material understandable. Her deep knowledge and love of the subject matter made her a sought-after instructor by both junior and senior students. She is a “teacher’s teacher” - a rare find.
— Laurie Lehey, Acupuncturist

why add trigger point needling to your practice

  • When performed correctly, TrP needling can decrease myofascial pain within minutes
  • It is a style that will give you a competitive edge to Physical Therapists and other medical professionals that utilize needling as their adjunct modality
  • TrP needling can reduce the number of visits needed when treating muscular pain conditions
  • Both practitioner and patient can immediately recognize a change from pre-treatment to post-treatment in tissue pliability, range of motion, strength and stability
  • Get more referrals from Orthopedists and MD's
  • Learning a two handed approach to finding and releasing TrP's will make you a more dextrous practitioner
  • Trigger Point needling is considered an Evidence Based practice skill that is found extensively in present medical research journals.